Advertise With New Forester

Why advertise with New Forester?

At the New Forester we are committed to helping local businesses, new and old, promote new products, special offers and generate new customers. We have years of experience helping businesses in the New Forest area build and develop a presence in the community through our website and magazine.

What makes advertising with New Forester unique?

The New Forester has built up a community of members and local residents who visit the site and read the magazine. By choosing to advertise with us you will be getting the unque opportunity of promoting directly to them.

We offer a range of different advertising and promotion opportunities in both print and online and we will work with you to make sure your business is able to market as effectively as possible with us:

    • Get put on the map by listing with our Local Business directory.
    • Use our VIP Membership offers to generate new customers and promote products.
    • Advertise to the local community with through our website and newsletter.
    • Tailor where on the site your advertisement features to get the best value out of the ads


Want to Advertise with us but don’t have the designs?

We make it easy for you to get your message to our readers. A free professional design service is available for orders of 6 issues. We can also advise you on what offers would be most effective to offer to our readership, helping you to maximise the custom you get from New Forester Members.


How can I advertise with New Forester?

We will work with you to help get your business the best out of advertising with us.

For more infortmation and prices, contact Di by email at:, or call: 01590 636224