Wildlife Exhibition Featuring Clive Meredith

On Saturday 14th October, The Frame Makers in Cirencester will be opening a Wildlife Exhibition featuring the works of award winning artist Clive Meredith!

Growing up in the Shropshire countryside, Clive developed a keen interest in British wildlife spending many days birdwatching and exploring. His early passion and experienced eye shine through, each drawing or painting reveals meticulous attention to detail, achievable only by hours spent in the field observing and photographing subjects in their natural habitat. Aside from wildlife watching and photography in the UK Clive has travelled extensively in Asia and Africa in search of subjects for his drawings and paintings. As a result he has become renowned for the stunning realism of his images and an incredibly assured ability to inject real life and character into his works.

In addition, the exhibition will be supporting and raising money for the Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust.

For more information: call 01285 655881, or email cirencester@framemakersgalleries.onmicrosoft.com

You can view more of Clive’s works on his website: http://clivemeredithart.weebly.com

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